Tamara Grant

X-Abilities/YES Disability Resource Centre

Tamara is a youth ambassador for disabilities. She is a passionate, creative mother who has a vision to create a new way of portraying the system of how New Zealand sees disability. Through the journey of having autism, dyslexia and mental health, Tamara has conquered control and the voice to change the world. If there's a will, there's a way and, with a strong heart, Tamara has produced the X-Abilities project that is in the works of helping those that move, think and feel differently to not fear judgement, in order for individuals can reach their full potential. She also helped to create the first invisible disability sector report that she also presented to parliament. She is a professional artist and collaborate with a number of other projects that aim to help the disability sector reach its full potential. Keep an eye out for Tamara Grant as she has the aspiration to achieve.

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