Kramer Hoeflich

YES Disability Resource Centre

Kia Orana, Ko toku ingoa Kramer Hoeflich. I was born and raised in the beautiful Cook Islands on the island of Rarotonga, till I was 15 and a spinal cord injury changed my life and brought me to New Zealand. During this time, I was faced with many challenges and had to overcome many barriers to become the person I am today. This is where I found my passion to work with young people of all abilities, cultures and backgrounds, alongside them make a difference within in the community. I have a strong focus on equality, inclusion and diversity this is reflected on the projects, events and boards I am a part of. Currently I am the Chairperson of the YES Disability Resource Centres YEG (Youth Engagement Group) where I have been a part of breaking a world record, Re-imagine youth art exhibition, Icebreaker, an anti-bulling program, and developed “Yes I Can”, a leadership program.

I am also a Youth Coordinator at PHAB Pasifika, as well as a DIAS Coordinator for Vaka Tautua. These positions afford me the ability to give support at the ground level.

I am a strong believer in the unique ingenuity that young people possess and the unlimited potential that is tapped when we work together as a community. I am passionate about working to change perceptions of what young people of all abilities can achieve and contribute. One of the ways I plan on doing this is by building awareness and acceptance around mental illness and breaking the taboo that surrounds youth suicide. I am a strong voice for the both the Pasifika and disability sector, my aim is to bridge the gap between disability, youth, community & government.

Because I am such a believer in dreams and the value’s we all bring, my ultimate goal is to lead from the front as Minster of disabilities one day. "Do not follow where the path may lead. Instead go where there is no path & leave a trail."


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